Sketching & Doodling

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Through doodling and sketching, I attempt to synthesize experiences, emotion, and thought, usually in the form of visual metaphors.

Because I like sketchnoting, I created a tutorial for the undergrad HCI/UX class at Indiana University. Also, I have a personal project called Doodle for you! just for fun. If you want a doodle, just let me know.

Tools: Needle point pen, pigment liner, brush tip marker, chisel tip markers

Doodles Board Sketchnoting Tutorial

Lettering & Typography

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Letter forms and textual composition just fascinate me. When the opportunity comes, I enjoy drawing letters, words, or playing with "typographic color."

Tools: Needle point pen, brush tip marker, calligraphic marker, Adobe Illustrator

Lettering board

Mobile Photography

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Sometimes I substitute paper and pen with the camera of my mobile phone. By taking pictures at any time and place, I capture experiences for further reflections, and also maintain my compositional sensitivity.

Tools: iPhone, Instagram

Phone Pictures