Omar Sosa-Tzec

Omar Sosa-Tzec

HCI Researcher & Designer

My research focuses on delightful human-computer interaction.
My professional expertise is in information and interface design.


Hello! I'm Omar Sosa-Tzec*, PhD candidate in Informatics (concentration in Human-Computer Interaction with a minor in Visual Rhetoric and Information Design) at Indiana University Bloomington (IU). My research focuses delightful human-computer interactions and experiences. I utilize theory from Rhetoric, Semiotics, and Argumentation to address delightfulness in such contexts. I work under the supervision of Prof. Erik Stolterman.

I have currently the position as Associate Instructor in the School of Informatics and Computing of IU for the undergraduate courses INFO-I300 "Human-Computer Interaction/Interaction Design" and INFO-I400: Topics in Informatics: Visual Design for User Experience. I have more than 10 years of experience as a lecturer in design topics, including interface design, interaction design, information architecture, and graphic communication.

Previously, I was a Research Assistant for a NSF-funded project on User Experience Design Methods and Practice under the supervisoin of Prof. Erik Stolerman (PI) and Prof. Marty Siegel. In this research group, I explored the role of everyday activities in the development of UX competence, and the potential of rhetorical concepts for the analysis of interfaces.

I have a background in both science and humanities. I have a BSc in Computer Science, MSc in Computing and Industrial Mathematics, and a MA in Information Design. Throughout my academic work, I have explored computer vision, information design, and human-computer interaction. I have been involved in design practice for more than 15 years. My expertise is interface and web design, corporate identity, and graphic communication.

* Curious about what Tzec means?

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Omar Sosa-Tzec
901 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47408

Twitter: @omitzec
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